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Assembling a good film production crew to shoot your independent film is a very important part of the filmmaking process and it should not be taken lightly. Having a fast, efficient and professional crew can make the difference between a film that sails through the production process and a film that sputters and fails before filming is completed.

There are many reasons why some film crews just don't click, but the biggest one is when people are thinking and working separately for their own good, instead of together for the good of the movie. Everyone must understand that egos and aspirations must be temporarily eliminated and everyone must do more than their usual share of work. Most importantly they must work with passion, and for a lot less money than they are worth.

The best way to find good film production crew members is by word of mouth. If you know any other independent filmmakers who have made independent films then you should contact them and ask them about any good crew members they may recommend.

If you are a first time producer of an independent film then you can always look for crew members on the Internet. Set up some interviews with some prospects and check out their resumes and demo reels carefully. Hire the ones that seem to be the most professional and the easiest to get along with, using the latter as the most important criterion when making your decisions.

Consult with an attorney to have labor contracts and release forms made before hiring anyone. This will protect the rights of all parties involved in the production of your film.

Below is a list of websites that offer information and/or services regarding film production crews for independent films. They are in no way affiliated with this website, they are just referrals based on research:

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