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   Independent Film Financing

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There are a variety of methods and many different levels of independent film financing that can range from multi-million dollar backing from major studios right down to personal savings and credit cards of one individual.

Before you decide which route you will take you must understand that there are already a couple of  predetermined factors involved here. The most important one would be your name recognition (or lack-there-of) with the public. Has anybody heard of you? If so, film financing companies are much more inclined to lend you money for a film project. Having been on television or in movies is the kind of recognition I am talking about. No matter what the roles may have been, if the public knows who you are then you are bankable. The second most important factor would be your experience as a professional filmmaker. If you have already made a small movie that did well at a film festival and earned you a small distribution deal then you are much more likely to get independent film financing on your next film.

If you are a first-time independent filmmaker with a whole lot of talent and confidence, but you have no film industry connections and you are finding it hard to get financing for your independent film because you have no professional projects under your belt, then you can always go the ultra-low budget, pure digital route. This would involve buying a high definition digital video camera, a good script, a bare-bones cast and crew, a computer and some post-production software. By using credit cards and personal savings, this kind of (digital) film production project can be accomplished for about $20 thousand these days. However, this route does not give you a film print for film festival screenings. Many film festivals accommodate digital format submissions, but the big ones like Sundance or Cannes show the best films on big screens with film prints (16mm or 35mm).

There are many websites for independent film financing on the Internet. Always consult with an attorney before signing any kind of a funding contract with any company. The following sites offer information and/or services for film financing. They are in no way affiliated with this website, they are just referrals based on research:



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