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Below are some links to articles about the world of independent film and film festivals. The list grows larger every week, so be sure to check back periodically for new articles. The most recent articles will be at the bottom of this list.    

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1. Creativity is King in the World of Independent Film Production

2. Long Live Those Who Choose The Independent Path In Film Production

3. Low Budget Filmmakers Must Do Everything Required

4. People Just Like The Sound Of Movies

5. A Good Story Transcends Film Production Costs

6. You Must Live In The World Of Independent Film

7.  Toronto International Film Festival Is Still A Friend Of Independent Films

8. Toronto International Film Festival Salutes Hollywood and Independent Films

9. Santa Barbara Film Festival Is A Great Place For Hollywood And Independent Films

10. Film Festivals Can Be Very Kind to Independent Filmmakers

11. What Makes an Indie Film Appealing?

12. Real Indie Films Find a Home at Worldfest Houston

13. The Telluride Film Festival is Independent but Not So Pure

14. Seattle International Film Festival is King for Indie Film Fans

15. Why Do Mainstream Film Industry People Make Indie Films?

16. Will Film Stock Survive The Digital Revolution of Indie Films?

17. There Is Something Different About Clay Animation

















































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